Sunday, August 19, 2012

{Philly Love} Forbidden Drive

I'm back with another edition of Philly Love, aren't y'all excited?! On Saturday, out of the blue, hubby said he wanted to go to Wissahickon Valley Park (also known as Forbidden Drive). What?? For someone who isn't always the most spontaneous this was a surprise. Of course I agreed and we all hopped to. So, geared up with our 'sneaks' as our lovely Philadelphians call them (I always called them tennis shoes or was pronounced as one and were on our way. I had never been here before but had passed it many times and knew OF it because my sister in law likes to come here. It always struck me as a pretty cool place because it's actually IN the city limits. The trail is apparently 7 miles long along the Wissahickon Creek and ends near the Philadelphia art museum (you know where Rocky ran up the steps). There is also a little restaurant along the way called the Valley Green Inn.
The one trail, as you can see in the above picture is quite wide. Cyclists and walkers (and I believe people on horseback) have plenty of room for an easy stroll. (Warning: I saw lots of poison ivy, so watch out) We didn't walk a terribly long way, a little over a mile where we turned around and headed back. It's pretty tough for the littlest one. As her daddy constantly reminds me, "For every step I take it takes her two or three, so she technically is walking a lot more than we are." It's true, I know, but I still forget, poor thing. So after we turned around, we decided to try our hand at the other side of the river, the hiking trail. But first we had to cross the covered bridge. Apparently, according to this sign, it is the only covered bridge in any major U.S. city. Pretty cool. So we made our trek across the bridge and began hiking. Let me tell you, it wasn't that easy for a family with a 3 year old. Real smart, McFly, real smart. The girls did amazing though. We worked up a tiny sweat, well, scratch that, girls don't sweat, we glisten...ha ha. There was a LOT more poison ivy this way.  But the girls didn't touch any of it, since I was pointing it out constantly. We probably went a total of 2.5 miles altogether. Not bad for having a three year old with us, huh? She did really great too, I was so proud of all of them. Note my princess5 in the background? She, of course, has her pink tulle skirt on. We will definitely be going back. Next time we want to make it to the Valley Green In for lunch. One day, maybe DH and I will even bike the entire 7 miles. That'd be fun, and pretty amazing. Like I said, it's IN the city of Philadelphia. We have some pretty cool things to do in this city. The hiking reminded me of my days in Louisiana, (which were short-lived) when me and my sister used to explore the woods all day long. Kinda neat to have the great outdoors in a place like this.

For more info on this trail just CLICK HERE 


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