Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Movie Manners...How should kids behave?

This is actually a picture from July4th since I couldn't find one from movie night. 

I love summer. I especially love outdoor movies in summer. Every two weeks I try to take my oldest daughter, and sometimes the other two depending on the movie, to the TDBank Amphitheater in Bensalem about 30 minutes away that has free screenings under the stars. It's a decent size place where they hold some concerts. Normally we arrive before dusk and get good seats. However, last week we went to see Puss in Boots. It was my 3 princesses, my nephew, my husband and myself. Well, I forgot that dusk is earlier now since we are into August so we got there just as the movie was beginning. Needless to say we didn't get our 'good' seats. We ended up sitting towards the back. The sound was pretty good back there, just the screen wasn't as large. I was so proud of our four kids. They were so well-behaved the entire time...even Princess3 (She just turned 3 years old). If they said anything, it was very quietly, not enough to disturb our neighbors. However, in front of us were two moms with their brood. All had to be between age 4 and 7 or 8. The entire time their kids were SOO noisy. One of them was one of those 'loud talkers' who had an almost soprano voice and was pretty much screaming his every word. Did they correct them at all? Maybe shush them a few times? Umm...NOPE. Not a peep. The kids were running around acting like they were in a playground. Maybe I'm being judgemental. I really don't think so though. It's just common courtesy to respect those around you. At least if they were attempting to quiet the kids, I'd have a little more respect. But they didn't even try. That shows a lack of respect for other movie goers. Luckily the sound was loud enough where we could hear, but it wasn't the most comfortable situation. What do you do in those situations? I need some tips. :) I just let it go, but sometimes I wish I was a little more confrontational. There are just unwritten rules in social situations. Such as: you try to be quiet at movies and in libraries, and you give people at least 3 feet of personal space when sitting next to or having a conversation with another person. (The latter is for another post..just wanted to put it out there.) Are we a society that no longer cares about others and is a Me Me Me society? Selfish and inconsiderate? I understand moms not wanting to be negative or correct kids, actually...scratch that... no I don't. Sorry. Kids need correcting. They need boundaries, and consequences, and follow-through. You're not doing your kids any favors by indulging their every whim and letting them live fully under their own rules. Society has rules for adults so kids should learn rules too. Anyway...getting off on a tangent again. I am just venting. Again, how should one handle that situation, or how do YOU handle those situations? I feel like I shouldn't be put in a place where I'd HAVE to deal with it to begin with because we should all be considerate of each other and there'd be no problems. But that's unrealistic these days. I will definitely be going back, but next time we'll just be on time and sit closer where there are less distractions. (BTW..they weren't the only kids/parents being rude. Just the closest ones to us.)


  1. Wow! That is most frustrating. I don't have children, but definitely appreciate those parents who do have boundaries for their kids. I hope they realise they are going to be the world's most difficult teenagers for them...well that will be a nice surprise for them.

    I was on a train last weekend and a really young boy (I didn't know) grabbed my face. His mum apologised and calmly explained to him why it wasn't o.k to grab someone's face.

    Then, as I got off the train, another girl full on smacked me in the head. It actually hurt. She then shouted at me...her mum's reaction....she laughed and then COMFORTED the little girl for being tired.

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I am definitely returning the follow.


  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Come over and visit me sometime today when you get a chance! :)

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  3. I've seen this enough that i tend to avoid these things unless i have to. There is so much entitlement under the guise of letting kids be kids but they completely ignore how it affects those surrounding them. Kudos to you for your children but the other people in a 20 foot radius will clearly remember the family you talked about.


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