Sunday, October 28, 2012

No-Sew Princess Goodie Bags

My middle Princess just turned 6 and I wanted to come up with a cute and special goodie bag to give out to the girls as favors. I found this on Pinterest. They are super cute. I, however, didn't have enough time to get all fancy and make so many different choices so I opted for these pink and purple versions. It was 3 bags for a dollar at dollar tree and about 1 yard of tulle which was on sale for $4. I made 18 (just in case) so they were less than $1 per bag. What I love about these are that they can be put together with only hot glue! It took me about an hour to an hour and a half to complete all of them.

Make sure to use sharp scissors.

I just folded the tulle up the width I wanted and cut it for the length like this.

Next, I used a low heat hot glue gun (and so glad I did because my high-heat one would have burned my fingers). Bunch the tulle up and glue all the way around. 

Next using ribbon glue on top of the tulle edge overlapping.

This picture turned out blurry...oops! See how I wrapped it around and overlapped?

Ta-DAH! Aren't they adorable?? I put a couple little favors in each of them also. Much better than the plastic good bags, huh??

A Princess "Tea" Party...we really had pink lemonade.

A room full of princesses...aren't they adorable??

Princess6's Rapunzel cake. Find out how I made the cake HERE

Saturday, October 13, 2012

{Philly Love} Adventure Aquarium

Okay, so here's another edition of {Philly Love}. When we had our STAYcation in August we purchased the CityPass where we got to see six attractions in Philly for about half of the retail cost. Our last stop of the week happened to be Adventure Aquarium which is actually in Camden, New Jersey right across the river from Philly. We went on a Sunday with my mother-in-law's family and it was packed. However, the girls loved it! They have this really cool shark attraction where you go into a tunnel/hallway and sharks are swimming on three sides of you. Princess3 was scared and wouldn't let DH put her on his shoulders. It was my favorite part.

Our family

MomMom and her princesses measuring up.

Daddy and his princesses in the kids zone.

Princess5 is a turtle!

Surf's Up!

My little jelly fish.
I would definitely go to Adventure Aquarium again. The girls loved it!

See, I told you it was right across the river :) Just outside the aquarium.

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