Me holding Chooch's bat (LOVE HIM) during Phillies Baseball 101...Awesome!!

Are you interested in working with A Ginger Mess? Looking for a Guest Poster? Want to Guest Post for me? Email me at Jess {at} agingermess {dot} com and we can find out if we are a good fit.

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Okay, so my name is Jess and I started this blog as a sort of outlet and guide for those who come along behind me for the many endeavors of a working mom and mother. I try to keep my life well-rounded and learn how to do things the "right" way. I love things that make life simpler but I also love things that take a lot of "love" because those are thing things that usually are the best and most treasured. My family doesn't have a lot of riches, but what we are rich in are traditions and each other. Thus said I am interested in forming quality relationships with brands that I trust and love and can promote with all sincerity.

If you would like me to promote a product on this blog, write for another site, advertise a brand, or you are interested in sponsoring me for an upcoming event, please contact me and let me know why we would make a great team!

As always, I will comply with current FTC regulations and only work with brands I can be proud of.
I hope that brand is you!

Other Places You Can Find Me: (Formerly The Redheaded Princess)
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