Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Received the Versatile Blogger Award!

Wow, so I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from Brenda over at DisneyGirlCrafts.com. What a great addition to my day! Be sure and go say hi when you're done here :) Thanks, Brenda! I'm super excited!

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award: 

1. Add the award to your blog. 
2. Thank the person who presented it to you. 3. List seven random facts about yourself. 4. List the rules. 5. Pass the award onto seven other bloggers. 6. Inform each blogger they have won by posting a comment on their blog.

Here are seven random facts about me, The Redheaded Princess: 

1. No matter how hot it is, I must at least have a sheet covering me...maybe with my leg sticking out. It's a security thing probably...don't want the boogie monster to come get me in the night so I need to have that sheet as my protection..lol

2. Hmm..let's see, I have major (celeb) crushes on the following...Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Bradley Cooper, Bruno Mars and Tom Welling...I know...I have eclectic tastes...lol (Don't tell DH)

3. I have lived in six different states in my lifetime, from MI, PA, NC, TX, LA, FL. VERY different ways of life in all.

4. I am working my way through my Books to Read Before You Die list and now am reading Jane Eyre and really LOVE it.

5. I have a tattoo of my girls' names in the shape of a heart. It's really pretty!

6. I love whitewater rafting, roller coasters, tubing behind a boat, and snow skiing. 

7. I LOVE Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos...so much that I make it at home now...because otherwise I'd be in the poor house...

The bloggers that I awarded are: Please check them out and say hello!

1. The B Keeps Us Honest (My old college buddy...she's great...you'll love her)
2. Pruning Princesses (since I have 3 princesses of my own, I love to hear her talk about hers)
3. My Life as Mommy and Wife
4. My 3 Grits
5. The Importance of Being Reese
6. Cooking In Stilettos
7. Goings On In Texas


  1. Thanks for the award Jess!! That just made my day. It's actually my first award. Yay!!!


  2. Taylor @ Goings on in TexasAugust 21, 2012 at 10:45 PM

    Thank you so much for the award!!! :) Yay!!!

  3. Congrats again! Loved reading your 7 facts. I will check out the seven you picked. Have a great day!

  4. Thanks so much for the award :) I think I'll finally get along to passing it on today!!


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