Thursday, August 23, 2012

{DIY} "Pottery Barn" China Cabinet

I bought this china cabinet about 6 years ago at a thrift store for I think $15. (It was a 40% off sale) I could never decide what I wanted to paint it, so there it sat. Ugly and holding all my china. So, after moving to our new home I finally decided I would like it to have that Pottery Barn look. So, after much research on how-tos I figured out how I was going to do it. Here's what I did:

Isn't she lovely? She got a few scratches from the various moves. So it was definitely time for re-do. 

First, I removed all the hardware. I couldn't remove the hinges on the one door because the screws were stripped. I was, however, able to get the door off the cabinet luckily. I just covered it carefully with painters tape.

For some reason, I forgot to take a picture of the sanding process. But I sanded the entire piece down. The surface needs to be on the rougher side so the paint will adhere to it. The original finish had a clear coat on it so it needed to be sanded. Then, using a damp rag wipe all the dust off and allow to dry. It shouldn't take too long.

Using Glidden Duo Paint (Paint and Primer in One) Onyx Black in Semi-Gloss. I painted two coats of black using a roller as much as I could and using a brush to get the corners and hard to reach places. Make sure you don't leave streaks with the roller brush. Allow to dry at least 30 minutes between coats.

Once the paint is dry, I used my wonderful Mouse sander (from Home Depot for only $35). And sanded down all the corners/edges to the bare wood. Then I used a damp rag to wipe down all the sawdust.

Using a wood stain marker pen in Golden Oak I then went over all the bare wood and stained it. I tested a spot in the back with two different colors (Dark Walnut and Red Mahogany) and found them to be either two red or too dark. It is based on your preference really and what you are trying to achieve. 

Here's Princess8 helping me out with this step. She did a a great job!

Alrighty, Here I am all finished. I got new hardware from The Home Depot in antique brass since the legs of the piece were brass. Unfortunately I am still on the hunt for two handles since the standard is 3 inches and these from hole to hole are 3 1/4 inches. DH said he'd drill me a new hole if I want so I may take him up on that. There are some places online that you can order special sizes from for fairly cheap. So I have a couple options. 

I DO love the knobs I picked though.

Oh and the door on the right had an odd handle that I couldn't find, so using my filler that I used on my picnic table redo I filled in the bottom hole and then painted over it and used another knob to match.


  1. Beautiful job on the cabinet! stopping by via SITS!

  2. looks great! did you check at hobby lobby? They always have a million knobs/pulls, etc. Or Anthropologie? Or, I often just remove and spray paint existing hardware to all match. I actually love the midcentury mod handles!

  3. thanks, and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks, Melody! We don't have hobby lobby :( I hear all about them from other bloggers...wish we did...I didn't want to spray paint bc it wouldn't have the same effect so I figured for now the original which are really antique brass bc they've gotta be from the 60s would be better till I find something I'm happier with.

  5. Thanks for the blogging award. You are my hero. This DIY is the exact kind of project that terrifies me. Thanks for making it look so easy.

  6. Put up my award post today. It was a fun process to go through. Thank you so much for the nomination. Now I need to try and find the HTML code to put the button on my side bar!

  7. You're very welcome! Love your blog! And thanks:) I was nervous but I figured anything would look better than before and for 15 bucks whats the harm:)


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