Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who Are You and What Did You Do to My Husband?

Us (on the left) the year we met (My friend Jess is on the right in the front...she's from The B Keeps Us Honest..Check her out after you read my post :) )

Us Now ... 13 years later...

Have you ever seen the movie Invasion of the body Snatchers? Where aliens take over people's bodies but they look like them, they are just not them? I was laughing today because it's a Saturday and my husband declared the hour after lunch 'Clean the house hour'..full with room assignments for each of his ladies and tasks to be completed. Mine was to clean the kitchen and 'don't forget to spray down the counter tops with the kitchen cleaner' 'yes sir!' it made me chuckle to myself a bit because I remember the way he used to be. That's what made me think of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I thought "Who are you, and what did you do to my husband?" He is a momma's boy. (I'm not saying it is necessarily a bad thing because a boy who loves his momma probably knows how to treat his lady.) Housework was a foreign language to him. (and to me I must admit) Cleaning was our biggest struggle (and fight). For one, it was all on my shoulders for a long time. Funny thing is..I was just sitting down for a minute to write this on my iphone and here came DH down the steps with an arm full of laundry (bedding from all the beds..seriously) and he asked 'What are you doing?' which really meant 'Why are you messing around and not cleaning while I just vacuumed the entire upstairs and now am doing laundry?' So since I am capable of reading between the lines, I jumped up quick and put my iPhone away because heaven forbid I do anything to deter Hubby 12.0 from being amazing. Ha ha. I find that life is like technology, as another year passes another version of our self is installed. Depending on circumstances and choices either you are upgraded or downgraded. For me and my marriage, we are now At version 12.0. Version 1.0 wasn't pretty. Trust me. I don't ever want to go back. Just like with technology..who would ever want to go from a 43" HD TV back to a 12" black and white tube TV with tuning dials? ( yes I remember those and even had something like it for my first TV in my bedroom I got from a thrift store for 10 bucks) No one wants to go back to that. And so as I sit here furiously typing on my iPhone before DH sees me piddling around again I think of how great the passing of time can be. {It's not perfect. We lose people from our lives. Which sucks.} But if you are both attempting to put 100% into your marriage (No its not 50/50) over time you will come to a place where it feels like a partnership. You both become more mature, grow spiritually, grow as an individual, have more confidence in who you are, learn each other better are more considerate of each other and are more in tune to the others needs in many ways. ;-) DH and I often know the other's thoughts before they are's pretty cool when we do. So do I really want to know where my other husband is and want him back? Not really..I loved the original, but I think I will keep the upgrade; he washes clothes, cleans the kitchen, vacuums, grocery shops for me, gives me amazing back rubs (yea they've definitely gotten better), takes excellent care of the kids..figured out I like flowers for no reason and need cards with at least a paragraph of mushy stuff written in them for special occasions. Wow it seems like I don't do too much, huh? Don't kid yourself, I am a mom, there's nothing I can't/don't do..I just have help now (especially since I am in school part time). He is really an incredible husband, though neither of us are perfect, I am truly blessed. He is truly my other half, the one that completes me. We compensate for each other's weaknesses, and though eharmony would have NEVER put us together, I couldn't have found my better match. Here's to celebrating 12 years of marital rollercoaster ride bliss. Love you, Sweetie!

Celebrating 12 years of *bliss at the Phillies romantic, I know...but we both love them so it works :) 


  1. Great post! Love it! Have you seen my latest series "My Husband is a Martian" at my parenting blog Amanda's Books and More? My first two posts were on human behavior and personality styles. I will still post at least two more parts (learning styles and culture) in the near future. Enjoy your Sunday!

    Tina - mom of 4, author and blogger of 5 blogs

  2. Love this...and you guys...Happy Anniversary!!! <3

  3. So honest and cute! And well written. Happy Anniversary guys! You two are super adorable!!!

  4. thanks for visiting my site today from Aloha Blog Hop! Stopping by to see your wonderful site! Way to go!

  5. Hey there lady, visiting you from the FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE link up. Thanks for joining us and fingers crossed you win the awesome prizes!

  6. What a sweet post! Congrats on the marital bliss! Stopping by from SITS!


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