Monday, February 11, 2013

I've Been Shot by Cupid! So Pinteresting!

So Valentine's Day is only a few days away and my Princess9 and I were on the search for what to do for valentine's cards for her classmates. We loved last year's pinterest inspired cards so she was really excited when we came across this PIN on Pinterest. So we headed out back to create our picture...


Next, I headed over to and did my free that site!

We paired it with our A.C. Moore Animal Print Pops that we made and...

Voila! .... One of the cutest Valentine's Cards EVER! ( I only wish I would've made the words a little smaller bc when printed at Target the "I" got cut off...oh well...L.L. (lesson learned))

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. this is super cute!! love it--i'll have to remember this for when my daughter is older :)

    I'm doing a v-day link-up, this post would be perfect!! :)

  2. That's cute!! I've always wanted to do one of those picture Valentines, but my boys hate having their pictures taken.

  3. Thanks, Rabia! Hope your Valentine's Day is fun! :)

  4. Thanks, Holly! I'll look it up :)

  5. Happy Friday, Time for visit and follow.

    would be great if you can join my blog hop Friday.

    Have a nice day.



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