Saturday, February 9, 2013

A.C. Moore Giveaway and Valentine's Day Craft!

My good friends at A.C. Moore were so kind as to offer one of you lovely people a $20 gift card! Aren't y'all excited?? C'mon! It's A.C. Moore! If you love crafting (when you can find the time) like I do then this is for you!

With Valentine's Day approaching the princesses and I were on the lookout for something to make for their classmates...and A.C. Moore had several options for me...or should I say TONS of options. We settled on Animal Print Pops and I picked up the needed supplies....

Princess3 waiting oh so patiently for the candy to melt in the microwave. She was so excited.

Filling the molds. I got her a simple one because the details would have been too tough for her.

Now's the fun part! Following the directions to get the cool animal prints. You've gotta work quick because the candy hardens in the tip of the bottle so I was rotating cleaning out the lids in warm water..

Ta-Dah! Aren't they adorable??? 

For DIRECTIONS on how to make this project 

Here are some PRINTABLE COUPONS to use in the MEAN TIME. They Expire Saturday February 16 so Print Away! And get to shopping!

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**Disclaimer: I was provided with materials to complete this project as well as provided with the gift card for the giveaway.


  1. Love AC Moore! Candy looks yummy!

  2. super cute with the animal prints! I entered the giveaway and pinned. :) Love AC Moore, I usually spend the most time in the scrapbooking section as I enjoy paper crafts

  3. I love crafty stuff, but the supplies can be so expensive! This card would help support my fabric habit. :)

  4. thanks for the fun give away!
    love your fun project..yum!


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