Saturday, June 2, 2012

My New Step Garden!

Okay, so let me just say...I am one blessed lady! Seriously. My husband rocks!
Why? Well, I'll tell ya. Back in December DH and I purchased a new home which we love, BUT it has one drawback. The back yard has a big hill in it. We are pretty lucky though because it somewhat levels off and we have a swing set and shed. Anyway, I don't know about you, but I like having a vegetable garden.We had one for a few years at our other house. It's a fun hobby and we love the fresh produce. However, the only spot that gets sun most of the day in our new backyard is that doggone hill! So, being the 'genius' that I am, I came up with the great idea of building a step garden in the hill. So smart. I know. (pats self on back) LOL. Well, wouldn't ya know, the genius has NO idea how to actually build one AND I had a difficult time finding a tutorial online. SO, I went to my wonderful hardworking handy carpenter of a husband and asked him oh so sweetly to do it for me. And as every married couple assumes, yes, he literally jumped for joy!...right...Well, being that he must actually love me, he did decide to build it for me even though he's never built one before and had to make it up as he went along. SO.... here's my awesome hubby working his tail off. Don't let him know these pics are on here...It's our little secret. He started it  Mother's Day right after church and just put on an old shirt and never changed out of his dress socks. He hates these SSHHH! He spent at least 12 hours all together between building it, helping me stain it, picking up and unloading compost and topsoil. Again, my husband is kidding...he is always amazing...sometimes I forget and it's things like these that put it in perspective. Love him more than anything! So without further Adieu....


Marry a carpenter or hire one because I don't know what else to tell ya! Sorry!

Building the first box. We figured out that it is probably better not to build the box first because not only did we have a vertical angle, but we also had a horizontal angle to deal with. 

Here's Princess2...seriously...Isn't she adorable?

Mommy, enjoying a gorgeous Mother's day with my sweeties while my DH works. Feeling loved today... :) never saw the socks or old shirt! ;-)

Finding where level is...He's so smart!

Bracing the wood.


3 out of four...this was the 2nd day. And it was drizzling. 

Almost finished with the building process...yay!

He was much happier with this outfit. He just got home from his real job. So these are his real work clothes.

All done! He is quite exhausted. I owe him big time!

I got a solid outdoor stain which is a waterproofer and sealer in one. So I just needed two coats. It was called "Barn Red"

Here it is with all of the compost and dirt for this year. I will add more next year, but by the time he had finished unloading the dirt from his truck, I just didn't have the heart to make him go get more. So he can be done...for this 

My zucchini...they have their own home since they don't like to share their space very well...

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