Friday, June 8, 2012

Calm My Crazy: What's Up With Lyle?

According To Denise

Okay, so this is my first Calm My Crazy Friday. I am linking up with Denise from According to Denise. This is a place where I can write about things that brighten up my day. When things gets crazy and chaotic, what grounds me and makes me appreciate this little life of mine. Feel free to link up with her! Click the button :)

So, today I was at work (I teach 2-year olds part-time and let me just say...they take LOTS of patience) and for the most part it was a pretty okay day. One thing about me though, I teach the way I mother. I am stern but show them that I love them also. In my class, and home, I am the boss...for the most  part...ha ha...Well, anyway, sometimes you gotta just take a chill pill and have some fun! Because I have to remember they are just kids and I need to let them be kids. So I had to get out of my rut of a routine and get goofy. I don't know if you've ever watched Veggie Tales but I just love them. I think they've gotten better and better. So we have this one episode which is in my top favs called Lyle the Kindly Viking. It's a musical and sort of a play off of Pirates of Penzance and I love the song What's Up with Lyle. It's so silly and Olaf (aka Nebby K. Nezzer) has this super deep voice. So when I was tucking in my little ones for nap time I started singing in a deep voice and giving all the kids hugs and pretend kisses. I mean, what two year old doesn't love a little lovin'? They are so stinkin' cute and loved every bit of it. Things like that make me put things in perspective. I'm so busy making sure they are learning their ABCs, numbers, shapes and colors, learning to follow instructions, not hurting each other that I forget to just be a big goober just to make them smile. Don't get me wrong, I act like a nut often (you've got to with little ones), but every time I do and I see the genuine smiles of joy on their faces, it makes all I do worth my while. 
So what makes you stop and smell the roses?

Btw...I've included the video of the song so you can get a picture of the silliness:)


  1. I love Veggie Tales! Oh you are awesome for goofing with the kids!

  2. I love Veggie Tales! It is awesome that you got down and goofy with the kids. It is so much fun!

  3. Thanks, Denise! We had a lot of fun :)


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