Monday, June 16, 2014

We're Getting a New Bathroom!

So, we've been living in our current house for about 2 1/2 years. There are five of us; one male and four females....with one bathroom. So far, it hasn't been a nightmare, because I'm really the only one who truly monopolizes the bathroom. Well, my oldest is now ten and she and my 7-year-old both have hair as thick as mine. SO.....I know we're not far off from needing another bathroom desperately. So,  my parents have come up several times and when they do, they usually stay for an extended period of time. Now, do the math...add two more adults (one of them being my dad who totally TAKES FOREVER in there ;-) and has an innate ability to go in the bathroom about 30 seconds before I really need to get in there.... ;-) love ya, Dad!)...yeah, we need another bathroom. 
Over this past Christmas, when my parents came up to visit, their Christmas present to us was to get a bathroom up and ready before they left. Since I'm lucky to have a dad who does construction and plumbing, and a handy husband who does construction and minor plumbing as well, we started our project. Unfortunately for us, the only place we have available to put a bathroom in is our basement. So now we had the decision to make...Do we cut into the concrete and hope the cast iron stack from 1975 will hold up OR invest in an upflush system which is less mess BUT costs several hundred dollars more? We opted for the less messy version and by the time my parents left us after the new year we had a working toilet, sink and shower with these framed walls. (Yeah, we didn't use the shower...but I'm sure you figured that out  by now. Well, now our issue was just coming up with the funds to finish the project. Fortunately, we've been very frugal and a few weeks ago Mr. Clean put the walls up for me, finished them, painted them and even began to tile! And me being obsessed with subway tile....opted for, well, subway tile.

Doesn't it look lovely??!? I seriously love it! And as with the rest of my wall color is yet another form of teal...I think I'm a little bit obsessed. 

I also love the classic black and white mosaic hexagon tile pattern. Fairly inexpensive from the Home Depot. 

We are one step closer to a finished bathroom! Next step?? The Step. See that step into the shower? It's been our nemesis for the past couple weeks....more on that later....

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  1. I grew up in a family of five with one bathroom too!! It was awful. I think waiting in line for the toilet was worse than getting ready in the morning! haha I LOVE the tiled floor you chose!

    I'm rejoining the blogosphere. Looking forward to reconnecting! :)



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