Monday, June 9, 2014

The Cow and the Curd Is "Not Costco" {Philly}

   The Cow and The Curd
  Okay, so last weekend was the annual June Fete, a big carnival held every year in Hatboro hosted by Abington Hospital. It's something sort of like a tradition for my husband who grew up there and went every year as a child. So, of course, we have to take our girls every year as well. We arrived with our wallets loaded with an 'arm and a leg' so the princesses could each ride a few rides and play a few games. We even ate dinner in the food tent and were livin' it up. While I was there, I passed by a new culinary concoction being served out of a truck, The Cow and the Curd. Apparently, it's some sort of deep fried cheese curd from the mid-west that drives around the Philadelphia area. I stood there, rather perplexed, trying to find a description (other than "Fried Cheese Curd") or a picture or even catch a glimpse of the food being transported by hungry individuals but every time I stopped while going from ride to ride, I just couldn't get a good look. So, right before we left, being the foodie that I am and loving to try new things, especially cheese related..and who doesn't love almost everything deep-fried? (I had never had or even heard of such a thing) I was on the precipice of forking over my hard earned 8 bucks (more than the cost of my cheeseburger and cheese fries combined, mind you) for a small portion of an appetizer. Yeah, I was almost ready. The only thing was, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into. So, very politely when there were no customers standing at the window I walked over and sweetly (remember, I'm from the south so I always use manners when approaching people) asked "Excuse me, do you by chance give samples?" And do you know what the quote/unquote 'gentleman's' response was? (in not so nice of a tone) "No. We don't do that." Well, that's not too bad, right? I mean, I completely 'get' that. Not everyone DOES do samples, right? But of course, he didn't stop there. He just HAD to add, (in a very sarcastic, rude and condescending way) "We're not Costco." Um...seriously? Did you just say that? 
Did you just tell a potential customer who's ready to mortgage her life away (okay, an exaggeration, I know) for a measly fried treat and is being polite that you're "NOT Costco"? Do you think she's stupid? Are you that arrogant to think that Costco is the only store to give samples? Are you 'too good for that'? What are your thoughts about wineries, or restaurants that give you samples of wine or cheese, or gourmet ice cream or gelato places that KNOW that if you sample their product, you'll actually BUY it because it's that good?? Are you afraid it's not good enough? But even putting that aside, what kind of response it that to someone who is actually being polite? Maybe you should take some people skills courses for business because apparently, I'm not the first person you've been rude to. The more appropriate response, if you're not giving away samples (which again, I understand) is (in a kind voice or at least not a rude one) "No, ma'am" or "No, we don't, BUT do you want me to tell you about it?" Or here's another one, "We don't do samples, I'm sorry, but you won't regret it." and proceed to describe your product since you DON'T have a picture of it anywhere on the truck. I'm sorry, but pictures of cows don't tell me anything. You're in Philly. Not everyone  has had cheese curd before. Sorry, but it's true. Oh, and when I said, "I've just never had it before, so I don't know what it's like" don't expect to say "Well, it's really good," and have me turn around and say "Okay, I'll trust you" when you were just a jerk. I'm going to keep walking because you don't deserve my money even if the food is delicious. Oh how I wish when someone shocks me that I could immediately have a sarcastic response or confront them. Usually, it just blows me away that someone would be that rude and I walk away, processing what just happened. Then I proceed to get upset and angry, especially when it was uncalled for. It's kinda like that episode of Seinfeld where George has trouble with his comebacks..anyone know what I'm talking about? So since I'm not in the vicinity of The Cow and the Curd and even if I was, would rather stick a fork in my eye than try their product at this point, even though I'm sure it's delicious, (yeah, I'm a stubborn one) I'll just tell the small corner of the universe that visits me that The Cow and the Curd is "not Costco" so don't you dare ask for a sample. And if it were up to me, I'd say don't waste your money on someone who obviously hasn't earned the right to be respected because he doesn't give respect in return. My two cents....

(p.s. if they get a new driver...I might consider trying's this guy in the pic)

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