Thursday, May 30, 2013

Working on a Green Thumb!

So, I've been slowing learning all about plants and gardening for the past 5 years. It's slow going, but I add a few plants each year to my repertoire of gardening knowledge. I've made lots of mistakes along the way AND had lots of good results. Well, some of you may remember last month when I posted How to Create an Edging for Your Garden. Well, I figured it's about time I posted an update. I didn't get mulch right away because I planted a bunch of bulbs from Michigan Bulb Company and was nervous they'd not get enough sun. HOWEVER, little did I know that it was going to be pouring rain and I'd have a terrible mudslide! Aaahhh!! Yeah, my little (not so little) hillside garden washed away and I had to dig, dig, dig and bring some of the dirt back UP the hill! I lost 3 freesia bulbs in the process :(. SOOO Prince Charming had to pick up the mulch and we spent a couple hours getting it all in.  And guess what?? The next time it rained everything stayed put!! Score! 



So anyway...luckily my awesome sister-in-law gave me a TON of beautiful hostas, which is great because while I'm patiently impatiently waiting for my baby plants to grow (seriously, the waiting is killing me!!) I at least have some lovely greenery. 

Alright, so onto the is my pitiful little Fernleaf Bleeding Heart. Next year it'll probably be triple the size if not more. When I ordered a garden from Michigan Bulb Co. several years ago at our old home the first year all the plants were fairly tiny. However each subsequent year they grew like crazy! I have to keep reminding myself "patience is a virtue...patience is a virtue....patience is a virtue..." sigh....I'm so NOT patient!

YES!! Finally my Lilies are coming through!!! I think I would have done a backflip today when I saw this if I was even capable of doing so....

I cannot WAIT for these to grow and bloom....Shasta Daisies!! One of my favorite flowers!

My Lily of the Valley plants.

Lily of the Valley up close and personal.

Widow's tears.

My 12" lilac. 

My primrose plant.

My raspberry bush transplanted from a neighbor's yard last June. It's more than double in size!

These fronds are my 2nd year asparagus plants planted in my Step Garden. Next year I get to harvest all of them babies! Can't wait! They're blocking the sunlight!

More updates to come...I just planted some veggies but forgot to take the rest of the pics...oops!

So there you have it! Hopefully I don't kill any plants especially since the mudslide already took some of them out. I am patiently waiting for my Ferns and Begonias but they are TAKING FOREVER! And believe me...when I said I'm impatient...yeah...I already dug down to the bulbs twice to see if there was any progress! Hopefully I didn't kill them in the process....can we say OCD???

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  1. I have a horrible brown thumb, but I wish I could grow things!! If we get a place with a god yard, I am going to start some research and plant something pretty!

  2. Wow. That looks GREAT! I wish I had a yard to plant things in, but then again, when I did have a yard, I didn't even do much. I do want to learn, though. Good job! I wanted to let you know that we will be heading to Philly in July to go to CHOP. My oldest has been having major issues for the past three months and we are seeking a second opinion down there since they have the best PEdiatric GI group in the nation. Pray it goes well. It it looks like we will be staying overnight or even for a couple of days, I would love to get to meet you! It might be kind of crazy, though, with all of that going on. But, I did want to give you a head's up that you may be hearing from me in a few weeks just to grab a bite somewhere or something! Take care lovely lady! - Brianne from Briantics

  3. Bre! I just realized I never replied...I'm SOOO sorry! Our summer was def crazy but I would've loved to finally meet you still have my email address?? Email me and I can give you my cell number so you can text me next time you are coming down :) Sorry again! I hope everything is okay with your oldest!


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