Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to Create an Edging for Your Garden

Hey Y'all!
Mow-over flower bed edging. so much easier!
This image isn't mine, it's
the pin I found.

So last year my spring project (which my Prince Charming executed so wonderfully) was my step garden which I wanted in the hill in my back yard since it's the only spot that sun hits the majority of the day. If you haven't seen that yet then check it out by clicking this link STEP GARDEN . I LOVE it! Last year I planted asparagus and a bunch of herbs which are coming out quite nicely. I was able to use the rosemary all winter (which was awesome! especially when I make rosemary roasted potatoes). So this year, I decided I wanted to create a new flower bed in one spot in my yard but since there were no plants in my yard at all we had to start from scratch. Well, of course, I went online to do some research. Last year, my husband and his brother took out an EP Henry type stone wall on a job and kept the blocks so I knew I had them as an option. Then I found THIS PIN on pinterest and the wheels started turning.
Finally, I found a great video from This Old House (Love that magazine/show) which made it all sort of come together. They said to use an edger but because I'm one of the most impatient people ever and I didn't have one yet I used a flat shovel instead. :)

First I laid out my hose in the shape I wanted the garden to be. 

Then, taking the shovel I put the edge straight down and loosened then removed the soil. You can't tell from my picture, but I did go STRAIGHT into the soil. I'm actually on a hill. I would definitely encourage you to watch the video that I watched. It was very helpful.

Voila! Here's my newly edged garden outline! Now, since all of the soil in my backyard is actually clay we removed 4-6 inches deep and dumped it behind our shed...yeah, I'll have to clean up that mess later. Oh, and when I say 'we' I mean, I only loaded 5 half full wheel barrows and dumped it because that hill in my back yard is a BEAST! I was grunting and panting and realized I am so not strong! So my Prince Charming being the amazing husband that he is surprised me by paying a couple guys from work to dig and remove all the dirt while I was at work.  It took them more than 5 hours and they were exhausted. I'm such a lucky girl! :)

I placed the stones along the edge. I didn't use gravel underneath, which is what the pin on pinterest did, because again, I'm impatient. I may end up putting something underneath in the future to prevent weeds, but since my yard is the FARTHEST thing from level, I had to adjust each one. My goal is to have most of them level with the ground so when I mow (or should I say when Prince Charming mows) then we can just put the wheels on the blocks and get the grass all the way to the edge.

Here's it is with all the stones in place and dug out. You can see along the house the dirt is darker. We ended up getting about 2 1/2 yards of good topsoil to fill in the new garden. Now I just have to wait for all the plants I ordered on to arrive....I can't wait!! 

More updates to come....


  1. Looking good lady... I so need to get out and do some work on my garden.

  2. Nice, my parents just did something similar to their backyard. Looking forward to seeing what the finished product looks like with everything planted.

  3. Thanks Jess! I just got my bulbs in a couple weeks ago and am impatiently waiting...they were cheaper than full grown plants but it takes forever! Lol

  4. Thanks, Reese! I a, looking forward to the finished product on all my bulb and baby plants to grow...:)


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