Monday, July 2, 2012

Philly Love: 4th St. Cookie Co. in Reading Terminal Market

Okay, so I have this Love/Hate relationship with the city of Philadelphia. I love its history & culture and sometimes I hate its culture and the 'city folk'. Growing up in the south we all mostly learned some manners. Although you might get the most fake "Hey Darlin', how's yer day goin?" You'll at least get that common courtesy of a smile and a "Thank you, have a nice day". One example of my dislike for the city is when I was going to Temple U. I was driving down Ogontz Ave waiting to turn onto Broad St. I looked over to my left and a guy in an SUV opened his door and put some trash on the street. It's not like we were on some side street that wasn't highly traveled. It's a common cross street to get to Broad. And it's two lanes in both directions so when I say he put the trash on the road, it wasn't like it was off to the side near the sidewalk. No. It was on the dotted lines between the two lanes. Hmm...was it a burger wrapper? NO! It was an entire BAG of McDonald's trash AND a cup holder with empty cups in it!! I instinctively gave a dirty look of disgust and immediately corrected myself when I saw his return glare of "What you lookin' at?" I wasn't interested in becoming a victim of road rage or any other type of rage. Anyway...this is what I am talking about, an utter lack of respect for others around them. No manners or common courtesy. Now, I know Philly gets a bad rap sometimes. So I must say that not ALL Philadelphians are this way. There are just as many that aren't. Do they have the Southern Hospitality that we have? No, but they still are kind decent people. They just have their 'walls' up until they get to know you. I just miss the small town southern politeness where the cashier smiles and people say hello as you pass on the street. Anyway...that being said, I still have lots of fun in this city which I have called home for over a decade. So, although I may have dogged the city, I must make up for it in my Philly Love posts. Here's the first of many :) 
So my high school friend whom I haven't seen in 12 years was up for a work conference for a few days. I decided to ride the train down to Market Street and give her a condensed tour of the city. We started off at the Reading Terminal Market where we went to the Famous Fourth Street Cookie Company where they make homemade chocolate chip cookies freshly dipped in chocolate. Talk about a chocoholic's dream! Here's the two of us enjoying...I think next time I'll see if they can warm them up because the first time I had them they were just out of the oven and I have been dreaming about these cookies ever since! If you are ever in town, head on over the the Reading Terminal Market at 12th and Arch (only a couple blocks off of Market St). They have any kind of food you can think of! You won't be sorry! 

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  1. Sounds yummy! I would have defiantly asked for a fresh out of the oven one as well! =] Have a Happy 4th!


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