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Rothy's Shoes: An Honest Opinion

*Updated 6/2/19*

Okay, so I took the plunge and jumped on the Rothy's Bandwagon! I'm here to give you an honest review about how I feel about these popular shoes. About a year or so ago, I started seeing two different types of shoes all over my social media accounts. I don't know if it's because I searched 'teacher styles' and then the analytics made them appear more often, or they were just becoming really popular. Either way, I began to notice them and became curious. Tieks was the first brand I noticed, followed by Rothy's. Now, the portability of Tieks intrigued me, and I loved the teal bottoms, but I still wasn't a fan of the style. I don't love the rounded toe and the elastic look of the top.I know, I know. Some people SWEAR by them, but that's just my personal preference. Rothy's were always appealing in their style. However, when I first looked at the price tag on either type of shoe I shot both down really quickly and went into my mental file for "one day." 

Flash forward to last summer...and finally feeling settled in my my job as a 6th grade teacher, I knew I needed to start investing in shoes that were comfortable for long days on my feet, while also making me feel stylish. For some people, feeling cute isn't that important, but I know I'm in a better mood if I feel put together. So it's a win-win for me, my family, AND my students if I enjoy what I'm wearing. No-brainer! I began to research both Tieks and Rothy's. From YouTube reviews to Buzzfeed and bloggers. I read all the good and bad and finally was convinced. I. Needed. Rothy's. Now, four pair deep, I'm ready to write an honest review. Okay, so first and foremost, Rothy's are


  • Rothy's knit uppers are made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles.
  • As of this post, they've saved over 23 million water bottles from landfills!
  • Made from recycled foam.
  • Use vegan and non-toxic adhesives.
  • Contain carbon-free rubber soles.
  • Even their packaging is made from recycled materials!

What You Need to Know:

  • There are 4 main styles (The Point, The Flat, The Loafer, The Sneaker) PLUS children's sizes
  • They are machine washable! Yes, it's true!! Cold water ONLY, please!
  • They are comfortable and have NO Break in period. (from my experience)
  • The price is from $125-165 (BUT they have a referral program which NOW lets you stack referrals! More explanation to come)
  • Excellent Customer Service


The Point

My very first pair was the Dark Camo Point. A trick I learned a long time ago with ANY pointed toe shoes is to size up a half size so your toes aren't squished. They will still fit, you just don't have all your toes crammed up in the point. So of course, I did. Most Rothy's Addicts will tell you the same thing. It's very rare for me to see someone say they ordered their normal size and the shoes were comfortable. I'm definitely glad that I did. Had I ordered my size, they would have probably have been way too tight. So, September is when I began my love affair with these beautiful shoes, a great month, to be sure, since I'm a teacher. I spend all day on my feet. The Dark Camo was my choice because I felt they were fairly neutral, while still having a little sass. Who doesn't need a little sass? Now, I've worn these shoes at least twice a week, if not more, since September. I never got any blisters and wore them out on day one. With this particular pair, I did feel a slight rubbing on one foot, so I put on socks and wore them around the house a bit and whatever it was, stopped bothering me. The only time I've seen people complain it seems is when the pair they get is too tight. Not everyone realizes you need to size up. Even though they are stretchy because of the knitted uppers, they shouldn't be too tight. Day in, day out, I come home and do not feel the need to kick my shoes off. This is not the case with any of my other shoes, no matter how cute I think they are. The only thing I will say about these particular shoes is that I think I should have gone a FULL size up in points as I feel the edge of the insole rubbing under my pinky toe of my right foot. It doesn't give me blisters and I still feel comfy all day, I just would rather not feel it. *Later I realized that the insoles inside my dark camo points were actually 7.5 (Stamped on the bottom) which is why I was having this issue. I chatted with Rothy's on the online chat and they shipped out the correct size immediately at no cost. #greatcustomerservice!This did NOT prevent me from wearing them at all, mind you. My fourth pair was also a point. This time, I got the Marigold points, but decided to go up a full size. I'll get into that story once I talk about customer service. Once I received my perfect size, though, Ah-May-Zing! They are so gorgeous and surprisingly go with many colors! I've worn them a ton, and at a full size bigger, they are even MORE comfortable than my Dark camo points! Update: Since originally writing this post, I have acquired the leopard, orchid, black, and copper points. The leopard are so versatile and soft and I LOVE the rich color of the orchid points! I am so disappointed that the Poseidon points have been retired. I really hope one day they'll bring them back! 



The Loafer

I loved my Rothy's points so much that I convinced my sister in law to get a pair and she chose the Green Camo loafers. When I saw the loafers in person, I couldn't wait to get my own pair! This time, I decided that my second pair should be a little more fun, which is why I decided to get the Mocha Spotted Loafers. As per some Rothy's wearers, I ordered my regular size, however, they were just too tight, so I had to order a half size larger and the were PERFECT. I didn't think my Rothy's could be more comfortable, and yet, the Loafers are To. Die. For. I know...a bit dramatic. I don't even want to take them off sometimes! With only two pair of Rothy's, I'd wear them probably four days out of five during the week, not including weekends. My loafers are so cute and versatile! They fancy up so many outfits!

The Flat 

The third pair I decided on was the Charcoal Birdseye Flat. An adorable gray flat with a pop of pink  on the sole. As much as I loved the Loafer and the Point, I felt like I needed a basic shoe that I could wear with my yoga pants, or really, anything at all. It surprised me how much I loved these Flats. I'm particularly drawn to points, but they tend to be too dressy for certain outfits. For these, I decided to size up a half size again since the loafers and flats run about the same, size-wise. So glad that I did, because they were a perfect fit. My husband teases me now because my daily dilemma is, Which Rothy's do I wear? 
Update: I had major FOMO when they began to retire the Fern flats because they match my Eagles gear perfectly, so my parents were so sweet and got me and early birthday gift! I really need to get a full-length mirror in a better spot with more natural light. 

The Sneaker

Finally, I decided to try the sneakers. As per many Rothy's wearer's suggestions, I ordered my regular size. For me, they were a perfect fit! For my sister-in-law, she had to go up a half a size. It really seems to depend on the person. Everyone's feet are different. At first, I though they might be a little too tight. The black sneakers were my first pair. I have a high instep, so the first day they seemed to be pretty on the top of my foot. The also pinched my pinkie toes by the end of the day. I wasn't wearing socks, though. Even still, I didn't have any blisters, so it didn't prevent me from wearing them again. The next time I wore them, I wore them with no show socks. By the end of a full day on my feet, my toes didn't hurt like they did before. I have the same problem with my pinkie toes whenever I wear Vans or Converse, too. So, after that day of no problems, I tried to wear them without socks again. Well, again my toes hurt by the end of the day. From then on, I just wear no show socks and haven't had any problem. I even went an entire school day wearing them to going ax throwing and staying out pretty late. By the time I got home, I still didn't have any pain. After a couple weeks of wearing my black sneakers, I decided I wanted to get the white ones. When they arrived, that same problem with the tightness of the instep happened. That made me think that maybe these shoes are different from their other styles, due to the nature of the design. So, I grabbed my black ones and tried them on to compare. I couldn't believe how much more comfortable they were! So basically, what I'm saying is, there is definitely a short break-in period for the sneakers. If you wear socks, you probably won't have much of a problem. However, do understand that they will stretch a little and eventually conform to your foot. I probably wear my sneakers even more than my points. Never thought that would happen! I even wore my black ones to our school's field day! (Not the greatest shoes for tug-of-war...just saying. Next time I'll wear shoes with laces lol. That's an intense event!)   

Oh, and BTW...I have washed those white shoes and they have come out looking brand new! I did use a scrub brush on the soles with some soap, but they still look white! Even had someone step on them in mud and just used a washcloth with soap and it came right out without even having to use the washing machine! 


Another great feature: Yes! It's absolutely true! You can throw these in the washing machine! I have washed mine multiple times and they come out looking brand new. All you have to do is take out the insoles, toss everything in the water using a mild detergent, use ONLY cold water, and let sit overnight to dry. Voila! It's been as easy as that. Now, I have worn mine without mini socks many times, and as with most shoes when your feet sweat, they'll begin to stink. Honestly, I prefer to wear socks with my shoes in general, as long as they don't show. These are VERY comfortable without socks, but I found some PEDS that are a perfect fit for loafers AND another set of PEDS that is a true no-show for the points AND flats that doesn't fall down, so I wear those. Especially since it's winter, my feet are a little warmer. Plus, the socks keep my shoes from smelling. Win win!!


I will be 100% honest with you. These shoes are more than I ever thought I'd spend. My typical dollar amount for flats was about $40-$60. Sometimes more, sometimes less. That being said, My feet never thank me. Those shoes don't last as long as Rothy's. And when you compare Rothy's to flats like Jimmy Choos at $400-$700 a pair, these are a steal! PLUS, Rothy's has a referral program where you get $20 off whenever you refer someone to buy their first pair. You get your own special link that will give THEM $20 off AND YOU get $20 off. What's even BETTER is that they now let you stack the codes, For example, if you refer three people, you'll get $60 off your next order! 


Another great about this company, other than everything else I've said, is their customer service. Really. The online chat is extremely convenient. I had to exchange my loafers for a half size larger and I swear they shipped them out even before I put mine in the mail. Oh, and returns are FREE! The only issue I had was with my Marigold points. The first pair I got were a full size larger and I was nervous they were too loose, so I exchanged for a half size smaller. Unfortunately, the new pair were way too tight and I wanted to keep the first pair (since I hadn't returned them yet), but they only allow one exchange per order. So, I had to return them both and reorder. The next pair I ordered in a full size larger, again, however this time my feet were swimming in them! So, again I ordered a half size smaller and they were too tight. I wanted to cry. Luckily, I spoke to a wonderful customer service rep who told me I could get a second return if they still didn't fit. She had told me to email Rothys and put her name with Attn:. I'm so glad I did because the online chat rep wasn't going to give in, this time. When I finally got my FIFTH pair of Marigold in a full size bigger they fit me PERFECTLY! I'm so glad I stuck with it. So for Rothy's Customer Service? Wonderful!


Rothy's are my favorite shoes and I can't wait to get my next pair, probably Chili points. Of all the Rothy's styles, the only one that did have a break-in period were the sneakers. I still prefer them over my regular Nike sneakers or even Vans/Converse. I wore my white Converse the other day, and as cute as I think they are, my feet were killing me at the end of the day. They always pinch my pinky toes. I may be cleaning out my shoes pretty soon and making room for some new Rothy's. They are stylish, eco-friendly, comfortable, and easy to care for. I will confirm that I have become what is known as a Rothy's Addict, complete with a Facebook 'support' group and everything! If you'd like a link for $20 click the link below. (Links are only good for 30 days, so if it's been past 30 days since you've click the link or since this review was posted, send me a comment with your email address and I'll give you your own link.)



My dad thinks I'm a nut

If you're looking for inexpensive no shoe socks, I get mine from Target. Also I put Odor Eaters Soft and Slim over top of the insoles so then I don't even have to wear socks with my points! Just trip to fit! 

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