Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ambitious Must Be My Middle Name

So I was sitting here thinking about all the things I want to accomplish this summer. Just like that, with my finger on my cheek. I had so many ideas in my head I figured I had better write them down so I wouldn't forget anything. Mind you, I'm going to school part time and working on top of my normal wifely/motherly duties. So we shall see what I actually accomplish at the end of the summer. I really want to paint my house a tan/grayish color and though I have added that to my list, that costs quite a bit and Mr. Clean doesn't really want to do it himself so that may not even be an option yet.

My List of Projects for the warmer months:

  • Paint my long dress/mirror
  • Paint my blanket chest at the end of our bed
  • Paint Mr. Clean's tall dresser
  • Paint kitchen breakfast nook table/benches
  • Build Window boxes for my house
  • Bodie Island Lighthouse pallet art project
  • Paint shutters on house black OR build new ones
  • Sell current china cabinet, purchase new/old bigger one and paint it
  • Make mason jar wall sconces for living room
  • Bamboo trellis for my climbing rose bush
  • Paint my house
  • Plant day-lilies and hostas around the tree in my front yard.
  • Redo my bedroom closet
  • Paint the inside of my other cabinet with chalkboard paint and add hooks for measuring cups/spoons
  • Paint my daughter's room
  • Add shelves in my kitchen
  • Make shelves/cornices for my bedroom windows
  • Make pallet sofa/sectional for basement
  • Finish half-done 3/4 bathroom in my basement
  • Paint basement walls/rip up carpet and put down faux wood vinyl flooring
  • Install butcher block counter-tops in my kitchen...maybe

I'm sure the list will grow although I'm not sure how many of these I will actually tackle this summer. We shall see!

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