Friday, February 7, 2014

Should I Change My Name?

Hey Everyone!

So I have a thought I want to run by my faithful readers. A few years ago, when I started The Redheaded Princess, I loved the name but at the same time...a part of me cringed a little because it's not 100% me. Yes, it's a little silly, calling oneself a Princess, but at the same time it took me years to feel that I was the eyes of God I mean. It was a sort of self-proclamation. So now, a few years later, I'm looking at my blog and though it's cute, I think I want something that speaks a little more of the real me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a "Princess" in God's eyes, and I understand my self-worth (although on bad days sometimes I struggle...but I'm only's a process). Also, I'm not too keen on the idea that if someone forgets to put the word "THE" in front of that they will end up on a nasty porn site. My daughter and some of her friends read my blog, so I really get nervous that they may accidentally end up in the wrong neighborhood of the blogosphere. That's a big deal! Another reason, I just think that something needs to change. I want to define my blog a little more. I'm a DIY/Food blogger with a little Lifestyle sprinkled in. Do you agree? So here's the name I came up with. I think it more accurately defines who I am while still giving props to my readheadedness:

A Ginger Mess
"A DIY & Food blog sprinkled with a little Lifestyle" 
(this I'm willing to change and tweak)

Why "A Ginger Mess"? Well, because that's what I am. My life is a beautiful mess. I'm being pulled in a million directions between my family, school, job, church and oh yes, my million hobbies. I love my mess of a life. It's chaotic and loud and never stops, but it's wonderful at the same time. I figure, let's call a spade a spade why don't we. I'm a mess. (though I act like a princess at times). I can't narrow anything down to one specific thing and I'm one of those people that is always changing and never stops trying to learn new things. Sometimes I wish I could just quit and sit home doing nothing (my husband would love that! lol)  but I just can't. I've always got something new on the horizon.

What are your thoughts? Would you come over with me if I switch? Do you have any suggestions? Please, I'm all ears. This is going to be a big process for me if I do it so any advice you have let me have it...but please be nice.

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  1. I love that name! I can definitely see that you have grown into this name and away from "The Redheaded Princess." Be sure to keep me updated about the change!

  2. Love it Jess. I think A Ginger Mess suits you. Not to say that your a mess, I just think you have outgrown The Redheaded Princess. It's always great to mature and grow into something bigger and better. Looking forward to the "new" you :)

  3. Thanks, Reese! I will have a lot of work ahead of me :)

  4. I LOVE it! It's perfect! As a fellow redhead, I'm glad you're keeping the redheadedness in your blog name :)

  5. I like it! Plus ginger is a food :) I would change for the sole reason not to be confused with the porn site, lol!


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