Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quilted Advent Calendar

Okay, so this is the advent calendar that I made a couple of years ago. It's quilted, sorta...I don't really know how to do the final quilting after sewing all the pieces together. Maybe one day I'll finish it. I really wanted to find an advent calendar that had meaning behind it but I also wanted it to be homemade so that it'd have that little bit more special quality to it.

I found this great pattern on ebay CLICK HERE which I purchased from a sweet lady e-seller. I say "sweet" because I lost the ornament meanings sheet two years later and she sent them to me. How great is that??  Anyway... the pattern is pretty cool because she sends you the felt pieces and the patterns for all the ornaments, complete with about a paragraph and a bible verse to go along with each ornament.
However, I really wanted to have my manger and tree as part of the permanent part so I changed the pattern up a little. I also couldn't quite grasp the directions for the pockets (which I'm sure were clear if you know how to read a pattern correctly, but I'm a novice and was quite confused so I came up with my own way. I used pinking sheers to  cut the red squares which I hot glued as well as the numbers. Also, I made the border one solid color to match the numbers instead of multiple pieces. Finally, I used blue/silver fabric for the sky, green w/ vines fabric for the tree, and a two dimensional white for the snow. I absolutely LOVE this calendar and so do my children, especially my Princess8 who loves to read now and is understanding more advanced concepts. I don't want to create a pattern on here because it's not mine completely SO if you want to purchase it check out the item on ebay (it's only 7 bucks, so pretty reasonable), or have any questions on my changes, let me know. If the link doesn't pop up then type "quilted advent calendar" and her item should come up. Thanks!

Here's the calendar with all the ornaments on it.

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  1. This is the 'sweet' lady.:-) I like how the trunk of your tree doubles as the stable - or is it the other way around? That's really clever. Good job! I love hearing how others enjoy it just as much as my kids do.

  2. Kathy, thanks! Glad you got to see it :) Thanks for the great pattern! We really love it!

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