Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Surefire Cure for Hiccups!

Okay, so the other day I was trying to think of something that would be a good tip to share. Something that has been useful for me to know that others would possibly appreciate and I remembered how to cure hiccups! Okay okay, I can't take ALL the credit....actually, one of my best friends shared this tip with me a couple years ago and honestly, it has NEVER failed.
SOOO...do you wanna know? It's so simple and may sound a little ridiculous but trust me. It works!

Here's what you do:
Take a glass and fill it with water.
Now, drink from the opposite side of the glass.

That's it. Really.

I know what you're thinking..."Yeah right, like that's gonna work." I'm right there with ya. When my friend  told me, I thought it was a joke too...because he is always finding some way to tease me like I'm his little sister. SO I was waiting for the "catch". But really, there is none :) I promise, every single time I have used this it has worked! I even shared the tip with a friend of mine and she said it worked for her too. Sooo...if you try it and it works PLEASE let me know. If it doesn't then share that too. Love to hear from ya!

1 comment:

  1. I've done it and it worked for me. I should remember this for my kids next time they have the hiccups. Of course, then I'll have to stop yelling "boo!" at them!!


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