Monday, September 12, 2011

Phillies Knitted Purse

Okay, SO I really wanted to have a small purse that I could wear to the Phillies games where I could just throw in my wallet, keys and cell phone and not have to hold it on my shoulder. I found this pattern online and adjusted it to this Phillies "P" pattern which I came up with. Rather than following the Motif Chart and repeating, I just followed this. Each square is equivalent to one stitch. You  still must knit on the RIGHT side and purl the WRONG side though. I also didn't want my things to stick out so I found a coordinating fabric and created a lining. I just sewed the lining right in before closing the sides of the purse. Just use a thread similar to the yarn so it will be somewhat hidden. Then of course my girls wanted one. I actually have made four. I will update with the other two purses later. Also, this was my first time using two colors SO I went on YouTube and found this video. I actually looked at a few but this was a good one too. Hope you like this! I love my purse, and so do my girls. And as you see, my middle daughter Elizabeth is very girly and she picked out her pink and purple yarn and lining. It turned out nice though :)

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