Saturday, January 7, 2017

Grab and Go Homemade Soup Storage

      For years, I have been freezing my soups in individual servings. I really do not like canned soup, so making my own soups with fresh ingredients has always been one of my go-to lunches. It's nice to be able to reach into the freezer, grab an individual serving and toss it in a freezer bag to put in my lunch. At work, I have a glass soup bowl that I'll use to microwave them in. Delicious, fresh-ingredients, and full of flavor! 

      However, for years my method was to use plastic cups for the mold. I'd then cut them away and RECYCLE them. However, in recent years, people have been more environmentally conscious and have complained about the waste this creates. Although I have ALWAYS recycled the cups and NEVER put them in the trash, I did discover that not all municipalities actually have the capability to actually recycle these cups (even though the cups have the recycle symbol on the bottoms). SOOO, I was on the hunt for a new method. I liked the idea of using silicone molds, but in order to have enough soup for a single serving, I needed something larger than the typical cupcake mold. On Amazon, I was so happy to discover these jumbo cupcake liners and was even more excited when they worked out perfectly! 
Webake 12-Pack 4.3-inch Non-stick Jumbo Silicone Cupcake Liners, Baking Cups, Muffin Liners

      First, I just made my soup as normal. Then, after letting it cool, I lined up the cups on a baking sheet, ladled soup into each liner, and then placed the sheet in the freezer. The next morning, I easily peeled away the silicone molds and tossed them in the sink to be washed. Finally, all of the molds fit perfectly in a gallon freezer bag.SCORE! Now, I have an environmentally friendly, simple way to store my homemade soups individually. This can be used for gravies, chili, stocks, etc. Simple, environmentally friendly, and convenient! Can't get much better than that!

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