Thursday, May 22, 2014

Idol Finale 2014

Wow, so this season of American Idol was definitely different than years past. I don't know about you, but I've been watching the show since the first season when Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini went head to head. (minus about 3 seasons along the way) So for 10 of the thirteen seasons I've seen beginning to end. Though I've missed the original trio (Simon, Paula and Randy) the talent has always drawn me in and watching their journey is always fun. This year, though, I was super excited about the judges. They are all so talented and they are here, not just for our entertainment, but because they really care about the contestants. (the money doesn't hurt either) The banter and camaraderie among them was enjoyable to watch and they really seemed to have fun. In my opinion, these are the best judges Idol has seen. The talent this year though, was not as great as seasons past. And though I've liked Jena Irene and Alex Preston from the beginning, I didn't 'love' them.
I did end up really liking them and hoping they'd both be in the finale, but no such luck. I most definitely wasn't a fan of Jessica Meuse and though Caleb won..I never liked him either. Sorry, I'm not much for the rock-n-roll hair bands....never was. The finale this year was awesome! For me, my favorite parts were when Ryan sang (not so well) with Richard Marxx and when Randy, Harry, Keith and Jen all sang and played together. That, by far, was the best moment of Idol. I'm not sure where the series is headed, but I'd love to see at least one more season with this trio united. They made me laugh throughout the season and their advice was sound, heartfelt and genuine. They were kind yet honest, something that was refreshing, as far as judges go. What was your favorite part of Idol? Did your favorite win? Did you love the judges? Who has been your favorite Idol winner or contestant?

(Well, the videos are available right now...let's see how long they last before youtube takes them off) :) 

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