Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Go See Mom's Night Out!

So, last week I was invited to see a pre-screening of the upcoming movie, Mom's Night Out produced by the same producers as October Baby. So I, along with a friend of mine got our husbands on Daddy Duty and headed out for a Mom's night out of our own. Let me just say, this movie was absolutely hilarious!! I honestly haven't laughed that much in quite some time. Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy), Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle), Sean Aston (Rudy, Lord of the Rings, The Goonies), Trace Adkins (Love him!) were so funny! They made real life comical including so many things that moms and dads go through. When I watched it, I felt like I was seeing myself on the big screen along with seeing actual conversations I've had with my husband play out before my eyes. The movie has a serious element where it speaks to the heart of motherhood and all the emotions (good or bad) that comes with it and may even make you cry (I did). I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone out there! It's funny and clean and great for the entire family!

My suggestion? Go see it! 
                               Take your spouse, take your girlfriends, go on a double date with another                                                        couple. I don't care how you see it...JUST GO!                                                                                    You won't regret it!

The movie comes out Mother's Day Weekend. Let me know if you see it. I'd love to hear how you liked it and what your favorite part was. All I'm going to say is mine was when Trace Adkins and Sarah Drew have a private'll know it when you see it.

Check out the video!

Disclaimer: While I was provided admission to view this movie, I received no monetary compensation and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Tiffany Mrsh HaywoodApril 12, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    I've been hearing so much about this movie...all good it is definitely on my list of Mommy Day Request :) Great review!


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