Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Resolution Time

As I sit here and read all my fellow bloggers' resolutions I think to myself, should I really make a resolution this year? Honestly? Resolutions don't usually last past January, right? But then I think, there's nothing really wrong with trying to make changes in life. Maybe some people need a motivating factor like the turning of the page that is the New Year. I'm one of those. A procrastinator to the core who certainly needs motivating factors to get my butt in gear. I once wrote a 10 page paper in college on a book that I was supposed to have read but didn't the NIGHT BEFORE.  Yep. I totally thought I was going to get a C on that thing and was thrilled when I got back a 95...I know..awesome right? Yeah, I work better under pressure or with the right motivation. Prince Charming gets on me because lately he's become Super Dad with me in school and working and when I was putting on the church play for Christmas I just didn't have time to do a lot of the day to day things. He has taken on responsibilities around the house that I used to do.
However, he likes to point out that I only did them when I was motivated..which was usually because company was coming over. Let me tell you, my house gets the cleanest in the five minutes before my mother in law randomly stops by than it did the previous three and a half days she DIDN'T stop by. So yeah...I need motivation. My motivation right now is the new year. I want to lose that baby weight that I gained with Princess3 which I lost because I was eating better and exercising but gained back when I started school, quit exercising and was stressed and began to eat terribly again...* starts tomorrow. Only because I finally ate all my Christmas cookies, leftovers, cheesecake, and chocolate chip banana bread and there's no more junk in my house that I didn't want to throw in the garbage. So my two week special K diet starts tomorrow and I plan to exercise and be hungry...that's how I did it before..let's hope it works again! lol...Anyone wanna give me their treadmill so I can run out of the cold? Until then, I guess I'm gonna have to let Jillian Michaels kick my butt....I'd much rather run. ha ha.

Also, I think maybe I will try and do better at this whole mom thing. Now I don't think I'm a terrible mother or anything, but my poor family has been on the back burner since I've been in school on top of all the other craziness. So doing things on purpose like making an 'Unplugged' night where we don't watch TV or use any electronics like the laptop or cell phones...hmm...maybe I should confirm this with Prince Charming since it's basketball season..So we may have to coordinate this it's something to try. My Princess6 made such a change in the way she responded to Prince Charming when he started playing board games with maybe a board game night. Living life on purpose. Making special efforts to get one on one time with each of my daughters is something to be achieved.

Which leads me to this...getting organized. Making to-do lists each night and trying to get things done without feeling like I'm forgetting something. I always heard "a day not planned is a day wasted" which I can totally see to be true.

Read More. I've been working on Uncle Tom's Cabin for what seems like FOREVER. I really like it and it's on my list of Books to Read Before You Die but I've just not had any time. (That Statistics class really kicked my butt.)

Also, maybe I'll try and be a little nicer to Prince Charming. He does do a lot for me even though he doesn't listen to a word I say sometimes. He's an excellent father though he drives me crazy when we go shopping and let's the kids run down the aisles. I would be lost without him in so many ways although he would never find anything in our house if I wasn't here to tell him where it was. I promised him I would try not to sigh whenever he asks me to do something and I don't want to. ( mom used to say the same thing when I was a teenager..guess old habits die hard) So that is my main goal...have a good attitude and hide my frustration and show him a little more respect. He's the love of my life and I'm thankful for him and that we are grown up enough to work out our differences. after a big screaming match which started over something stupid because it was about something completely different. lol...anyone been there? So yeah, 2013 is a new page in The Castle. lol.

And most importantly...spend more time in God's Word. Reading my Bible and spending time in prayer is certainly lacking in my life and I definitely feel more at peace when I do spend time with Him.

So...what are YOUR resolutions? Do you not make them because you never stick to them? I think that trying to become a better person is a noble thing and whether it takes a new year, or your mother in law popping in, or your pants getting too tight....whatever the reason, seeing that you need to make changes and trying to make them is always a positive thing and something that not everyone will do.

So Happy New Year and 
Good luck to all of you who are trying to turn over a new leaf!



  1. Hi, just visiting from the Aloha blog hop. Yep I steered away from new goal lists and resolutions this year but am trying to prepare a vision statement instead. LOL. Still drafting it. I am a mum to toddler twins and probably spend to much time blogging and internet marketing which my partner gets annoyed about. It is probably something I need to manage a bit better this year. Lisa

  2. Here from the Aloha hop! I do set resolutions and actually vlogged yesterday about how to make them work for you (or rather, how YOU can make them work!). I like your 'unplugged" ideas. I try to do that with my kids several times a week.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I'm a huge procrastinator too! I often wait until the last minute to write papers, thinking I'll get a bad grade and then doing pretty well. I guess I work best when I'm under pressure, lol.

    Those are great goals, though, and I know you'll succeed. I'm not one for resolutions either, so I picked a word (well...two words) and I'm going to focus on that instead. My words are Positivity and Happiness...basically having a good attitude in everything I do, rather than just trying to make big changes all at once!

    I'm a new follower from the Aloha Friday blog hop. Can't wait to read more & get to know you better!


  4. New follower visiting from Aloha Blog Hop. Love to have you visit and follow back!
    Marcie @

  5. New Follower from the Aloha Blog Hop! Love your blog.. You can check out mine at and follow back if you like what you see! Happy New Year! K Jaggers


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