Friday, September 21, 2012

{Philly Love} Philadelphia Zoo

So, another stop on our Staycation '12 via the CityPass was the Philadelphia Zoo. It was a gorgeous day. The last time we went to the zoo was with Princess8's school and it was miserable, wet, rainy and chilly. Not fun. This day we had a great time, especially since their Daddy was able to join us. We didn't pay for parking because we found a spot on the street so we were glad about that. Surprisingly the zoo family membership is pretty cheap so we may consider doing that in the future.

Tigers are such beautiful animals. I prefer to stay behind that glass though :)

We had to move out of the way so they could move the camels. I think they give out camel rides but we must've just missed it.

These girls make me take pics of them whenever there is one of these things.

In the petting zoo with the farm animals.

I love giraffes too. Right after this we saw Cecily Tynan (our Channel6 weather girl) walk by. She did the news from the zoo that day. I should have asked for her autograph, but chickened out. Oh well..

The feature at the zoo right now is The Lorax. It was pretty cheesey but the kids kinda liked it. I loved the movie The Lorax though! It was a great movie with a good message in it. May have to buy that one. 
Well, that's about it for the zoo. The Philly Zoo is pretty great. They have a ton of animals and are reasonably priced. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone visiting the area. We will be going back again. :)

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