Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My love: My record player...oh, and Frank too!

Okay, okay so I know...I'm a big dork. BUT I don't care! "Why?" you say?... well, let me explain. I am now a thirty something female who after I first got married discovered the amazing voice of Frank Sinatra. (It's a shame because he died the month before I graduated high school and I didn't even know who he was other than he was Harry's favorite singer from the sitcom Night Court.) Anyway...I became, for awhile, obsessed with Frank's music and movies, and yes...his blue eyes. Isn't he gorgeous!? (Sometimes he and DH remind me of each other...but DH has softer features than Frank... ) LOL....SEE...Dork! C'mon! How could you not just love his music? It's so romantic and his voice just makes everything seem better.
Me and Frank! Move over Debbie Reynolds! ha ha! I love Faceinhole.com
My DH tells me that I was born in the wrong era. I love to watch TCM and love vintage things. Well, years ago when I discovered ebay I won a lot of 13 Sinatra records which I then had to find a record player to play them on. [When I was a kid, I used to have a Winnie the Pooh one that had Read-A-Long books. Well, of course, I had that no longer] So somehow I came across an old record player like the ones we used in schools. No, I'm not that old, but I was an eighties kids so it was right on the cusp of cassette tapes and CDs. But to me there is just something about the nostalgia of old school type items. So anyway,  I enjoyed these records on my small record player for years until, God bless Craigslist, someone gave this beauty away...for FREE! What were they thinking? I just had to convince DH to pick it up for me which, mind you, was not an easy task...it's still a thorn in his side whenever we move because he hates to lift it, but that's another story.
I however, LOVE this thing!

When the record player is closed up it looks just like a plain piece of furniture. Then, the doors open up to ugly orange speakers and the greatest sound protrudes from it with all it's crackles and pops (no, I'm not eating Rice Krispies). If you've ever listened to a record player, you know what I mean. Now, it could use some work, the radio needle is no longer connected, so to change the tuner I have to go in behind it and manually move it from underneath. Oh, and it came with an 8 track player and a couple 8 track tapes (which doesn't work). But the best thing is, the record player is great! One of the speakers goes in and out occasionally yet, I just don't care. I have collected quite a few records over the years from my multitude of Frank to Dean, Aretha, Alvin and the Chipmunk, Stevie Wonder, Grease...etc. Ever since Princess8 was a little thing, I'd put on some Frank and we'd just jam...well, as much as you can to a crooner..ha! But we do get down to some Aretha. My Princesses just love it! We dance and sing and twirl and they have a blast making memories with Mommy (and Daddy sometimes). Here's a pic of them a couple weeks ago using the coffee table as a stage. We have so much fun and they get a piece of history at the same time! Win win! So, I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my dorkiness. I am just glad the my girls are gonna grow up appreciating when music was good before there was bumping and grinding..LOL...I crack myself up! Anyway...if you have never listened to Frank, I encourage you to go ahead and try something new. You'll then realize how much you really have heard him, because he is in everything, from movies to tv to commercials...his songs are everywhere! Add a little cultrue to your life and Enjoy!

Do you love Frank as much as I do??


  1. Probably not as much as you do, but I do love oldies. We have two record players in our house - my husband is a bit of an audiophile... I remember being 6 years old at my Grandparents house, putting on my Dad's old 'Carpenters' records and singing along. I blame Karen for my low alto voice!

  2. Ha Ha! Records are so much fun :) thanks for posting!

  3. And why is your grandmother and aunt's books NOT on your list? Haha, it's a great list, I've read quite a few, surprisingly, nice variety of classics, modern and such, everyone really needs to keep reading!!!!

  4. redheadedprincessMay 2, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    Hey Gram! You're right, I should add those to my list since they're books I want to read. I read your Rachel Did It, now I have to read the others next :) Love you!


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