Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tips Tuesday: Getting Those Picky Eaters Less Picky

No, I'm not working for tips...although I did years ago...I mean advice...I decided to start giving out some tips that I have learned along the way as a Mom. My methods are not perfect and as my Dad always said "you girls didn't come with an instruction manual". SO, I thought, "Hey, why not share my advice?" If you love it, then use it, if you hate it, leave it on the shelf. You don't go to the market and buy everything in the store right? So if you don't need what I'm giving, just leave it :) No offence taken.

So here's my first tip:

Getting those Picky Eaters Less Picky

Okay, so do any of you have a picky eater on your hands?? Well, I do and not just my kiddos either :) (however this method doesn't exactly work for the full grown humans). Anyway...I read once, years ago, in a parenting magazine (which I'm not a big fan of those, the Bible's my guide but that's another story...sometimes you can actually find good advice in them) that it can sometimes take a child up to 12 times to have a food introduced to them before they will actually start liking it. REALLY?? Did you say 12?? You meant 5 right? Wrong. SO I decided it's worth a shot. My real challenge has been my Princess5. She likes everything to fit in her little box and doesn't deviate for a minute. So what I did was start with one food at a time. Broccoli...mmm. I gave her broccoli and made her eat one bite. Just one. She did, with a look like she was going to gag and not going to make it. BUT she did. The next few times I only made her eat one bite. THEN..uh oh....here it comes!...TWO bites....She did it again, not so disgusted this time but still not at all happy. After awhile I increased it to THREE. (We don't eat broccoli every night folks so this process takes awhile. In the mean time you can start another food too...just maybe not do both foods in one single night.) Finally, I gave her three pieces of broccoli and said she had to finish it whether she liked it or not. I know, I know..I'm a terrible Mom...my kids don't walk all over me...SOO finally...one night at dinner...SHE asked ME for broccoli!! Are you kidding??? Who are you and what the heck did you do with my daughter? She loves broccoli (or trees and DH and the princesses call them to be silly)! So, while this doesn't work like clockwork...it has worked quite a few times with Princess5..broccoli, mashed potatoes, nachos, and more. She is still a work in progress but that's good enough for me! Love that girl...Princess2 is a garbage disposal so I haven't had to worry so far...fingers crossed!


  1. This is definitely route to go, and I can vouche that it has worked for us, too! We have several family favorite dishes on my hubby's side of the family. We have served a portion on the boys' plates, every time. It wasn't until this year that Regus 1(6yr) and Regus 2 (4yr) started liking the Cuban Black Beans. Woohoo!

  2. mmm...cuban black beans? Is that recipe on your blog? :) Sounds delicious!


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